Finding a photographer is easy.   We are everywhere.

Finding the right photographer is a different story.

The trick is to keep your needs and expectations in mind when making the choice.

  •   Know the style of images you want to create
  •   Find a photographer whose portfolio demonstrates the desired look
  •   Always check references and credentials
  •   Communicate to make sure both parties share the same goal

I am here to create WITH you
and FOR you

Oklahoma City Photographer - QuestionMark Photography

Are you an aspiring model in Oklahoma City? Not a model but want images that give you the model look? Do you want quality photographs for web content or magazine submissions? Perhaps you need images for private use and need guaranteed discretion. If my portfolio appeals to you, then you have found the right photographer for the job. QuestionMark Photography is an experienced, Certified Professional Photographer who will work with you to create the images you need.

QuestionMark Photo is dedicated to providing professional photography services and has a proven track record of customer service, timely delivery, and the utmost discretion. If you want your images in days, sometimes hours, instead of waiting weeks or even months, QuestionMark Photo can make that happen. Whether in studio or on location, QuestionMark Photo can help you realize the images you have in mind. After exploring the portfolio of QuestionMark Photo, don't hesitate to reach out to set up a time and place for your session!

QuestionMark Photography is a registered dba of Mark Gunter Photography, LLC.

Quick. Discreet. FOR you

If you are a model in Oklahoma, QuestionMark Photography can help you start and/or update your portfolio. A strong portfolio is essential for attracting potential clients and booking modeling jobs. QuestionMark Photography can work with you to create professional-quality images that align with your personal brand. If you are just starting out, QuestionMark Photo can offer guidance on posing, wardrobe, and other factors impacting the quality of your photoshoot. In addition, QuestionMark Photo can help identify the best images for your portfolio, providing insight in to why certain images may be more eye-catching.

Not a model? QuestionMark Photography can still help you look and feel like one! Share the important elements of the story you want to tell and QuestionMark Photo will work WITH you to get the results you desire. Should you fall in love with the experience, QuestionMark Photo can help you build a portfolio and plug in to a wider network of skilled, experienced talent.

Simply Professional.

Oklahoma has a wide range of skilled, experienced photographers across all genres. As of April 2023, only about 100 photographers within 100 miles of Oklahoma City are members of Professional Photographers of America, the world's largest nonprofit photography association. Of those, less than 1 in 4 are also Certified Professional Photographers. Mark Gunter of QuestionMark Photography received his Certified Professional Photographer credential in 2018 and continues to expand his technical and artistic expertise. What does all of this mean? If you need a photographer in the Oklahoma City area and the art produced by QuestionMark Photography matches your vision, you have found a photographer with the experience and skills to make it happen.

Finding a photographer really is easy. Finding the right photographer to deliver quality images in a professional and timely manner is more difficult. Hopefully, after careful consideration, QuestionMark Photography is the right fit for you.

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