Who is QuestionMark Photography?

Photo Courtesy of Jerry Ghionis

You need a photographer who will deliver images you love. Finding the right mix of creative and professional can be a real challenge. Like the list below? I may be that photographer.

  • Style - My portfolio reflects what you envision
  • Collaboration - You enjoy creating as a team
  • Versatility - I can adapt to different scenarios
  • Efficiency - Images delivered in a timely manner
  • Discretion - Private photos stay private
  • Art - Delivered digitally, physically, or both
  • Professionalism - You deserve nothing less

My goal is to make every session more successful than the last. The only thing more important than creating art is creating art for you.

Photography is my opportunity to share my voice with the world. Being able to work with others in artistic ways brings a very real sense of balance to my life. Behind the lens is where I go to get away from the world.

We make a plan together, starting with identifying your desired result. From headshots to full sessions to create multiple sets, we determine the where, when, and how together. The why helps determine if you need digital images, physical prints, or something different altogether.

For the best results, I encourage hiring a Hair and Makeup Artist to help make the most of your session. It isn't just about making you look your best. They can also provide a timely boost of confidence before your shoot.

My mood board shows general themes I am currently looking to explore further. The images you will find are mine. I am looking to push further visually, a quest that never ends.

An email address is required to view the mood board. Feel free to explore and mark favorites without fear of getting junk mail. Other than keeping out lookie-loos, it gives you a way to mark the images that inspire you as favorites. Then, if you decide you want to talk about setting up a session, just tell me which email address you used and I can see what you liked.

Take Me to the Mood Board!

Beyond the Camera

 I am a creative at heart. I am at my best when I am inspired by new challenges. In my free time, that often comes in the form of painting miniatures or sharing the fun of tabletop role playing games with friends. As a working professional, I find ways to make data more readily available to colleagues and administrators. With all of these pursuits, including photography, the most fulfilling part of the journey is knowing that the final product is helpful to others.

If you are an aspiring or experienced model and need to update your modeling portfolio, I recommend using QuestionMark Photo's services. Mark is a professional photographer who always strives to improve daily and can naturally connect with models. He gave me easy directions during our Superman-themed photo shoot, and I had a blast working with him.

I have been shooting with Mark since 2017. He is an absolute blast! He has always made me feel comfortable as well. The best thing is I can be serious or playful and he captures it all!

Every time I work with you, I can't wait to see the after products because every time I'm blown away. You don't heavily photoshop so they are so stunning by capturing and highlighting my natural beauty.

Mark Gunter is one of my favorite photographers! You work together as a team to create amazing images that you both can be proud of. Plus, Mark is just a blast to work with. We always have so much fun! I highly recommend him!

Every time we work together we always end up with such great images and we always have a great professional time shooting he is by far one of my favorite and most recommended photographers.

I have worked with Mark Gunter on several publications and projects. My first international publication was with Mark. He has been nothing short of remarkable to work with. His wisdom and creativity never fall short. Every project is an adventure. His talent is second to none!

Let's tell your story together.